Business Litigation 

Van Kampen & Crowe lawyers have handled all varieties of business litigation for all varieties of businesses. Many of our cases involve complex factual and legal issues, and some are "bet-the-company" cases. We are experienced both in prosecuting suits and arbitration claims for plaintiffs, and in defending litigation. Some of our cases include the following: 

GT v. Peridot Associated 
Represented engineering and design company in 6-day AAA arbitration that culminated in arbitration award and then judgment in excess of $6 million for breach of contract concerning two aircraft owned by foreign companies. The award and judgment also dismissed a multimillion dollar counterclaim filed by one of the foreign companies. Collected the entire judgment, plus attorney fees and interest through execution proceedings. 

North Pacific Aviation v. GT. 
Defended $17 million arbitration concerning modification of business jet. Achieved favorable settlement. 

Wiggs Enterprises v. Seattle Bike Supply 
Defended class action RICO and consumer fraud claims. Successful in convincing the court to dismiss early in proceedings. 

US Tech v. Sprint 
Defense of Sprint in a telecommunications rate dispute. 

GT. v. B/E Aerospace 
Representing plaintiff on $7 million lawsuit concerning subcontractor delays in interior modification for Boeing business jet. Presently pending. 

Morrow v. Seattle Bike Supply 
Defended class action consumer fraud suit in Illinois. Case dismissed on early motion. 

Mills Bros. v. Paramount Services 
Represented plaintiff in two week jury trial. Judgment for plaintiff on contract and negligence claims. 

Representation of large grocery chain in software licensing dispute. 

Phillips v. Providence Everett Medical Center 
Represented cardiac surgeon on medical staff privileging matters. Represented physician from hospital hearings through lawsuit, and negotiated settlement of $1.5 million. 

Fabri v. United Technologies 
Represented plaintiff in five week jury trial focused on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Received verdict for plaintiff resulting in award in excess of $2 million. Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City affirmed and remanded the case, resulting in a favorable settlement. 

Alpine Meadows v. Buchanan 
Represented plaintiffs in Alaskan construction case involving claims of $4 million. Plaintiffs received favorable settlement after mediation. 

Siemens v. General Electric 
Representation of Siemens in an action for declaratory judgment under a technology cooperation agreement concerning the development, patenting and licensing of nuclear fuels technology. 

Pacific Loan v. Bernhardt 
Defended against bank fraud claims exceeding $10 million. Defendant received favorable settlement. 

Park Condominium Association v. Hall Development Corp. 
Represented defendant in trial of real estate case. Court granted judgment in favor of defendant. 

Saros Corporation v. Frame Technology Corporation 
Representation of Frame Technology in a software licensing dispute. 

There are no guaranteed outcomes in the law. Every case is different, and the results obtained will depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of a client's situation.